Saturday, December 24, 2005

Garamendi and Prop 103

In a recent Los Angeles Times article, John Garamendi, California’s top insurance regulator says he will soon make the case that insurance rates should be based on one's driving record, how many miles one drives, instead of where one lives.

I know John Garamendi, and he’s a friend of mine, but “hello,” John, what took you so long.

Still, better late than never as the old saying goes, and he’s right. Garamendi said, “[my] proposal [is] intended to implement provisions of Proposition 103, the 1988 voter initiative that said auto insurance rates should be based primarily on three factors: driving record, miles driven, and driving experience.”

Former Insurance Commissioner Quakenbush, who was chased out of California for political irregularities, due to Court rulings, allowed zip codes be used as the primary factor.

Needless to say, consumer activists have been asking Garamendi since 2003 to revisit the formula. Thank God, Garamendi finally saw the light.

Garamendi is a good man who may be cautious at times, but finally the people’s will shall be done. For this and many other reasons I applaud Insurance Commissioner Garamendi and his future endeavors. But as the song from the 1975 film Nashville says, "I’m Easy."


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