Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Garamendi v. Speier: Will there be Fireworks?

Look for a great and interesting California Senate Insurance Committee Oversight meeting on Monday, November the 21st. The chair of the committee is Jackie Speier (D-8-San Francisco) and testifying is Insurance Commissioner John Garamendi who, along with Sen. Speier is running for Lt. Governor in 2006. The hearing should be broadcast on the California Channel. It should be an interesting day.

John Garamendi is a well-known political brand name in California. He came to the attention of Californians statewide when he first captured the commissioner's post in 1990. He gave it up in 1994 when he made an unsuccessful bid to become the Democratic candidate for governor of California. His also worked for the Clinton Administration as deputy secretary of the Interior in 1995 and has also worked in private investment in California.

Conventional wisdom says that John Garamendi has the best shot at this race due to name recognition and the ability to raise the money. And he is also tremendously charismatic and is known for his hard work on the campaign trail.

[Update]: 11/19/05 The California State Senate Banking and Senate Committee will meet on Monday at 10:00am and it will be televised on the California Channel. Be there or be square.

To visit John Garamendi’s web site visit here.

To visit Jackie Speier’s web site visit here.

Image © by Lou Delgado, SpotLight Public Relations & Photography.


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