Friday, December 16, 2005

Dan Walters: Telling Like He See's It

The Sacramento Bee political writer, Dan Walters is one of the deans of Sacramento political journalism, if not "the dean", and who many Dems believe is a bit too conservative for their tastes. Yet he is very pragmatic and smart, and should never be ignored. This is unlike, let’s say, the "so-called" journalists from Faux News on basic cable.

Right now, in a ten-part series, Walters is systematically writing about why the "One Term-minator" has failed miserably. According to Walters, Arnold’s main misstep was the hubris he came to Sacramento with, all hoopla aside. The articles are worth a read and short. His writing documents well what has happened in Sacramento since the Governator’s election, and we Dems, look pretty good in the end, given the State is so difficult one to govern, if at all, says Walters. He makes a lot of sense.

So, to take a look at recent history and for a refresher course, do visit his web page on the Bee.

Read Dan Walters, journalist


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