Saturday, December 31, 2005

Orange County Dems: A Call to Arms

According to an article in the Orange County Register Orange County Democrats have got to get ready for political war next year and beyond. We Dems have made good strides in central OC winning a Congressional seat (Hon. Loretta Sanchez), a State Senate seat (Hon. Joe Dunn) and an Assembly seat (Hon. Tom Umberg, Hon. Lou Correa and back to Hon. Umberg). Those are the seats the Republicans want back and according to the Register the Reps have spent over $100,000 the last couple of years in a massive voter registration drive.

Things look especially tough in the 34th State Senate District (Joe Dunn’s current seat) where in 2002 we Democrats had a 10.6% registration lead over the Republicans but now that has dwindled to a 1.7%. OC Demo Party chair Frank Barbaro has vowed to concentrate on voter registration and I know he will. We’ve only just begun to fight the good fight. I expect Sacramento Senate Caucus money to flood to Orange County and help increase that small registration spread in the 34th.

See: Register Article


Blogger bladerunner said...

The Republican's corruption(not too different then the Democrats corruption before them) will, combined with an unpopular war and some environmental or economic disaster, be the short-term undoing of the GOP.

Local Dems can't wait on the Messiah....they have to do what the local GOP has been doing---cover every possible city festival, the beaches in summer, the parks, citizenship ceremonies, shopping areas, go door to door....there will be dry holes but they have to provide the infrastructure so that when the Senate & Assembly caucuses decide to get out of first gear there will be a full court press. There probably won't be alot of $$$ for areas outside of the 34SD but you have to pressure State Democratic Party to allow some money in. That's what then County Chair Barbaro did in 75 and 76, helping give Dems the plurality of registrations in OC briefly. Another suggestion----start raising $$$ yourselves for voter reg & AV efforts instead of putting the $$ into the black hole of the Angelides-Westly-Sacramento & D.C. money trollers.
dollar trollers

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