Saturday, January 07, 2006

Republicans in Troubled Waters

Finally, the Congress House Republicans are doing the right thing according to the Los Angeles Times as they collectively destroy Tom "Ratman" DeLay. Of course the move is politically motivated because the Republicans are seen as political rascals these days. And, rascals is a mild word considering what they have been up to. The Reps are "eating" one of their own because they know the days ahead will be troubling for their party and any elected Republican, especially in the non-safe districts.

Read all about it here.

As Democratic activist Bill Daly wrote in an earlier post this is an excellent time to pounce on Republicans due to their recent dastardly acts.

Yes, we need leadership and a unified voice both in Sacramento and Washington DC.

Let’s do it Democrats! We have to fight not only for our country but the future of our kids, brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, and good friends as well.


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