Friday, January 06, 2006

The Governator Does it Again

Sacramento Bee columnist, Dan Walters, writes it very well again after the governator's State of the State address last night.

Walters wrote, "Arnold Schwarzenegger, exuding equal measures of hubris and naiveté, has repeatedly set up himself and his governorship for failure - promising more than he could deliver, reneging when promises collided with fiscal and political reality, overhyping his modest accomplishments, and confusing Californians by abruptly changing his rhetorical tone."

Read all about it here.

I guess Gov. Arnold wants to be the Governor Pat Brown of the 21st century since Governor Brown is credited with massive infrastructure spending during the early 1960s that helped make California one of strongest economic "tiger" machines in the world the last 40 years. Can he convince the citizens of California that more, if not creative progressive revenue streams (read: taxes), will be needed to accomplish many of his goals?

I doubt it. I just don't think he has the political stones to do that. He's a typical Republican. The governator is not the esteemed Governor Pat Brown.

The Los Angeles Times also has a good article here.


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