Friday, January 20, 2006

A Letter from the Front

The following is a personal email that was forwarded to our Team Blogger leader, Mr. Giacoppe, via one of his West Point grad friends. There are no last names for the sake of privacy. This email, sent to a good friend, speaks volumes about the current events in Iraq.

Yes, we Dems support our troops, but, in the main, not the idiotic war which may bring harm to them for no good reason.

Guest Bloger: Charlie B.


I don't see progress on the big picture front, with the Judge quitting, no one venturing outside the wire without being in a column of armored vehicles sporting 25 mm cannons, not hiring Iraqis for jobs, bombs continuing to go off on the roads as though nothing has changed by the elections.

Down at the grass roots level, the whole deal is turning it over to the Iraqi Army and Police units as they come on line. I see things going on this front based on things that are going on within our KBR (Kellogg, Brown and Root) realm, we being overlayed on all the facilities. Too early to talk about it - [because] I'd have to come back and kill ya.

Troops get a lot of support. A lot. Makes one wistful about it if one is a Vietnam Vet, as we all are.

What you can do to support the troops is through your vote and elected officials to hold the Administration's feet to the fire about the statements they have made - "When the Iraqi military and police can stand up, we will be coming home." We need to hold their feet to the fire about this without the weepy eyed bullshit that comes out of the mouths of misguided fools in the entertainment business. (The entertainment business - movies, tv, magazines, clubs and bars, stage shows, fiction writers, numerous congressmen and senators in elected positions, and, of course, news reporters.)

To the extent that George and DOD is still claiming Iraq is not militarily ready six months from now, you need to be getting way skeptical. The Iraq Army - or any other Army - is not going to operate at any where near our level. There is some idealism at play here that needs to be questioned.

You can also lobby against a psychopatic Department of Defense that encourages the constant flow of FNG Presidents to use the same sergeants and captains to go off to the combat zone every eighteen months, or less, because we don't have enough boots to do all these adventures.

Whew - Having said all that, and knowing that all one can do is take care of his little piece of the planet, I would say find a soldier serving here from within your universe - nephew, neice, kid next door, whatever - and send him e-mails, cards, DVD movies, and cigars with no expectation of an answer.

Charlie B.


Blogger bladerunner said...

Love the "weepy eyed bullshit" comment about Hollywood and fellow travelers.

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