Thursday, February 09, 2006

Richie Ross, Political Consultant Extraordinaire

There is a great background article in the Capitol Weekly about famed Sacramento political consultant Richie Ross who long ago worked as Assembly Speaker Willie Brown's chief-of-staff, to be sure, an incredible top post. He was there when California lawmakers saw maestro Speaker Brown at work. Under Brown's tutelage Ross became one of Sacramento's most influential Democratic insiders in recent years.

He's also a powerful lobbyist which has brought Ross some recent controversy and conflict of interest charges by his foes and his clients opponents. Of course controversy is always found in the world of politics and it should come as no surprise. Hello!

Ross was inspired by the tumult of the 1960's to get involved in politics, always keeping in mind social justice. He was a seminary student in Maryland when he first heard about the struggle of Cesar Chavez and his farm workers movement in California. Ross decided to join the struggle as an organizer and made the trek to arid Central California. After working long hours with Chavez and the United Farm Workers (UFW), and making great gains, Ross entered the hurly-burly world of elective politics.

The article discusses some of the inner workings in Sacramento and is a must read if Sacramento politics interests you.

Of course to get the full flavor I recommend you GOOGLE Richie Ross.

Read here about political consultant Richie Ross.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

We'll see if Ross can work his magic a second time for Tom Umberg.

7:15 PM  

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