Tuesday, October 25, 2005

The Lies and the Cover-Up: the Bush Administration in Action

By Lt. Col. George N. Giacoppe, USA, Ret.

The death of Democracy
Just may be hypocrisy
As leaders on high
Stand there and lie
And then say, “It’s not important”
But simply a portent
Of a world that has changed
We’re not deranged
But if truth makes you free
What does a lie make you be?

Fitzgerald is about to announce indictments for the outing of CIA agent Valarie Plame and the spin machine is in high gear. Senator Kay Bailey Hutcheson has not only tried to depress expectations for faithful Republicans, but has stated that perjury and obstruction of justice are simply “technicalities.” This is the same team of high-minded Christian icons that screamed for the impeachment of President Clinton for perjury on a matter of sex.

No after President Bush has clearly lied about the reasons for going to war, and his staff has been caught trying to punish Ambassador Joe Wilson for telling the truth. Maybe it is true that the truth shall make you free and lies will get you jail time…at least until the pardons sprinkle down from the throne of the Emperor. I am not sure that covering up Bush’s lies during the State of the Union address or the potential treason of the White House leakers deserves more attention. We are admitting that 2000 service men and women have been killed in Iraq and the administration lies daily that only by staying the course can we honor the fallen. That does not say a hell of a lot for those who are yet to fall or nor does it hide the likely outcome of a reprise of Nixon’s walkout on Vietnam. Unfortunately, we are all imprisoned by the lies of the White House. While the truth shall make us free, these lies have locked us into a no-win war where we all die a little more each day. Sorry, Kay. The lies and the cover-up are important. Don’t preach religion. Live it.


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