Saturday, February 25, 2006

United Arab Emirates: Worse Than You Thought

The War Prez is true to his sport
And now can bring war to our ports
With terror at home and away
As a new form of play
With Dubai at our feet
We’ll have warlords to beat
And we’ll outsource Logistics
And plan with our mystics
While making some hay
By selling away
The home of the brave
To the UAE with her slaves

Lots of good Americans are wondering how the best politicians that money can buy including Snow and Bush himself could go so far into power and ego as to have selective memory on the UAE. Perhaps Bush feels a need to move us firmly into the 18th Century and the days of princes and slaves. Camel jockeys alone account for about 40,000 slaves in the UAE. The wealthy there buy boys as young as two to race on camels as early as age four. They are bought in Pakistan, Bangladesh and India for about $3,000 each and fed as little as possible to minimize the weight on the camels being raced. Of course, young girls are bought to be used as child sex slaves for the rich of Dubai. I guess that King George overlooked that since he has promoted these scions of sin to these United States. King George has claimed that he wants to bring democracy to the Middle East, yet the UAE has never held an election. There is a new twist on the old question. How can you tell when Bush is lying? It is when Scott McClellan is moving his lips.

As you may recall, two of the suicide hijackers in the 9/11 attack were UAE citizens. The UAE was one of only 3 nations in the whole world that recognized the Taliban in Afghanistan. UAE money financed the training of the UAE hijackers here in our United States. Millions of dollars were laundered through Dubai banks to support bin Laden and, in fact, the US attack planned on bin Laden in 1999 was called off because he was meeting with the princes of the UAE at that very moment and we did not want to hurt the princes or the Bush I investment deals. Al Qaeda and the UAE princes are banking buddies and, of course, George Bush Sr. is an investment buddy of the bin Laden family through the Carlisle Group. If this does not model on the royal privilege of the 1700’s, it is close enough for government work.

The "foreign company" that Bush has defended is not a private entity, but a direct arm of the sovereign UAE, the princes and the slave-holders. If we do not do business with Cuba that is 90 miles from our coast based on principles, what does this say about bringing the corruption of Dubai to our shores? We select our principles? Poor Cubans bad; rich princes good? There are no human rights in the UAE, but the Emirates have enough money to attract investors like Bush and Snow. Incidentally, the administration has probably lied about the scope of the deal and what was originally reported as a contract for 6 ports is now 21 ports. I guess that Bush’s dog Barney ate his homework. Even in a pass/fail system, Bush flunks this one.

As a token of respect and privilege for the princes of Dubai, the Administration has agreed not to require the UAE to keep its business records on US soil. This means that we have no audit trail. We have no way to trace the money or the manifests or the communications to the bank that has already been caught financing terrorism in the US and in Afghanistan. With no audit trail, we will have no way to demand production of paper for a court or even for a Congressional investigation. We should trust them based on the administrative skills that led us through Katrina. The license to the UAE becomes a license to steal and to kill. Bush, consistent with his Pharmaceutical Protection Act (Medicare, Part D) provides for government exclusion from control. If the Coast Guard cannot demand a manifest or a bill of lading, how can it defend us from a repeat of prior UAE support of our enemies? Maybe security is not a priority, but WAR is a priority.

Allow me to offer a few reasons beyond the usual Bush incompetence:

1. Cronyism. The sport of kings and princes (along with camel racing).
2. Union busting. The living wage is a 20th century anachronism. Slaves are cool.
3. War is good for business and the UAE is a trusted broker for profiteering.
4. No audit trail means no impeachment trial. Plan for success now.
5. Democracy is for Iraq, not for Palestine or the UAE.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks George ... Good review ... everyone needs to remember the year 1776 when we declared our independence from the First George III ... Now the second George III is becoming as bad as the first ... beginning with squandering of a modest surplus in his first year to massive deficits in most all his years in office to support a war most of the government and American citizens said was not winable and against a nation not housing the direct planner of 9/11 ... bin laden. The war in Iraq, in my opinion, is the worst decision this nation has ever made ... totally overshadowing Vietnam by a long shot. As a Republican I don't take pride in our leadership and am only looking forward to when we can get Bush, and a lot of his congressional backers, out of office, replacing them with more moderate, and hopefully, nationalist leaders who will review and take note of a rapidly deteriorating US .... not only infrastructure wise, but family and employment wise also.

Your Republican friend--

6:33 PM  
Blogger Rory Shock said...

Good post. Does seem like W is into reverse time travel.
He's getting medieval on our collective ass ...

6:26 AM  

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