Friday, February 17, 2006

Deadeye Dick

The more we hear about it, the more it becomes clear that Vice-President Cheney’s mishap, wherein he shot his hunting companion, Harry Whittington, stands as the perfect metaphor for this administration.

Consider: Here we have the man who, as Vice-President, is arguably the most powerful VP in United States history, one who is in large part responsible not only for the rush to invade Iraq without provocation, but also the man in charge of what Lawrence Wilkerson, military aide to Secretary of State Colin Powell, calls a "cabal" operating out of his office. He is the man who snarls and snaps not only in secret but also in public; a man whose office "outs" CIA agents in order to punish the perceived disloyalty of their husbands. He also may be responsible for a lot more that we don’t know about, or at least don't yet have proof of.

And yet, this is the man who has so little regard for the rules that he simply whirls and fires at an alleged quail and whacks his 76-year-old companion dressed in orange jacket and in the line of fire. And then keeps it secret for a day or two, while his minions try to make sure the story will disappear. Only it doesn't. Whittington ends up in the intensive care ward, is said to be happy and jolly and certainly not holding the Veep responsible, until suddenly, he has a heart attack and we find out the shotgun pellets not only pierced the skin, but one pellet has migrated into the heart!

Our Vice President shot his friend in the heart.

This is the man we are supposed to trust. This is the man whose selection as VP was supposed to assure us that even though George W. was a rookie, Dick Cheney was a veteran, cool, calm, collected, "old reliable" who would be capable of engineering both foreign and domestic policy. Only that the game plan began to unravel as early as 9/11, when, during the chaos following the initial attacks, we find that it was "old reliable" Cheney who ordered the planes that finally scrambled to "shoot to kill" flight 93.

Flight 93 which eventually crashed in a Pennsylvania field, supposedly brought down by the heroics of the passengers on board. Only now, perhaps we have to revise our notions. This is, after all, the "chicken hawk" so eager to get off a good shot and prove his manhood that he shoots his companion.

It’s all almost too symbolic. The old reliable "chicken hawk" the man too busy for such mundane matters as military service‹turns out to be trigger-happy. And if that doesn't symbolize and epitomize American foreign policy since the Bush administration took office, I don't know what does. The man and all he represents is a clear and present danger to himself, to his friends, to our country, to the entire world. At the very least, Deadeye Dick should resign.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Deadeye Dick.

I love it!

Leo Naudin
San Diego, Calif.

7:06 AM  

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