Friday, February 03, 2006

Bush’s Armageddon Option in Iran

My friends, we’re headin’
To true Armageddon
Unless we can stop
Planting the crop
Of unrelenting fear
In the land we hold dear
To build up the case
For saving our face
While losing our can
And nuking Iran

Last weekend held a watershed moment for me as I participated in the Executive Board meeting for the California Democratic Party. I listened, truly listened, to a deeply conservative activist Republican who held forth at a small luncheon on Saturday. Scott Ritter, the Weapons of Mass Destruction inspector who made headlines prior to our invasion of Iraq has not re-registered as a Democrat. Far from it and despite the character assassination by Administration Republicans, Scott still holds to the ideals of the GOP because he believes that his party is on the wrong path and that it needs to return to its true path to the future. We Democrats have a model here for ourselves, because Scott’s enthusiasm and endurance shined through despite his treatment by the right wing.

Scott’s message, however, was not about his personal damage, but about the horrific pattern that has already begun to pre-justify a pre-emptive nuclear strike on the latest Enemy-du-Jour, Iran. Let me repeat that. The Bush administration is already greasing the skids to justify the unthinkable unleashing of nuclear weapons on Iran. Just as we vilified Iraq and its tyrant before our pre-emptive invasion, we are beginning to ratchet up the rhetoric to vilify Iran and its tyrant leader. A quick look at the Sunday Register Op-Ed section supported Scott. The right wing press is already beginning to color Iranians as the nuclear enemy. This time, however, and because we have handled the occupation in Iraq so badly, we do not have the ground forces to send troops in. Our allies are beginning to withdraw forces, so we can’t use surrogates to do our bidding. The all too obvious answer is that we have to resort to the Armageddon Option.

The name is not coincidental. It is borne in the mystic Revelations clutched as literal truth by the religious right. What is frightening is that these true believers are in bed with the NEOCONs who can make it happen. In addition, we have a Bush recess appointment to the UN in the name of John Bolton who is a charter NEOCON that signed the infamous 1998 letter demanding that Clinton invade Iraq. NEOCONs and the far right fringe see no inconsistency in actually initiating the END TIME instead of waiting for it to happen. All the talk about Israel and her religious enemies fan the flames. The dim-witted public statements by Iranian leaders provide ample fuel and the pattern builds. If you cannot see the pattern, you should smell it. It is corrupt and evil beyond description and it is gaining momentum. It is already following the model for invading Iraq except that this time Colin Powell won’t have to lie at the UN. We will have John Bolton who will present believable, if spurious, evidence and demand immediate action by the UN.

The UN, as before, will question the validity of the evidence. We will rush the process and demand action. Soon after demanding action, we will announce that “no options are off the table.” All this by the gang that cannot shoot straight, literally as well as figuratively. The Bush Administration with several days warning could not save lives or property in New Orleans and then lied about not having warning. Bush himself has recently misled Americans very directly by sneering, in his condescending way, that “Of course, we have to have court orders to wiretap,” and then NOT getting court orders available under FISA and conducting surveillance on Americans through the NSA in violation of their personal oaths not to do so. Then, having not been straight shooters with us in the build-up, they marched lock-step behind Military-Lite, Planning-Lite, Outsourcing Heavy and Torture Moderate Donald (everything is Ducky) Rumsfeld.

Other signs of Bush END TIME: the Administration and the literal press whores like Jeff Gannon (J.D. Guckert who had virtually unlimited access to the White House despite his male prostitute on-line credentials) and the quid quo pro whores like FOX who trade tip-offs for defending the indefensible will support Bush and attack Iran and any individual with the courage to demand the truth. Look for the attacks on Democrats and moderate Republicans to be both vicious and personal. Lies will be institutionalized by their quick repetition in the far right media followed by the unquestioning sheep of the rest of the network, cable and printed media. This is a done deal that can only be averted by concerted action to elect moderates in November.

Just imagine, boys and girls, Secretary of State Condi Rice may get her wish for a mushroom cloud even if she has to do it herself. Also imagine just how impossible it will be to put her genie (Jinn) back in the bottle once we have unleashed the immense and senseless slaughter of nuclear weapons. Clearly, we do not understand that, just as in parenting, our example is far more eloquent than our words. If we use pre-emptive strikes with nukes, who is to stop anybody else from following our lead? Bush is much like the parent who beats the crap out of his kids while screaming at them not to be violent. He is already setting up the “legal” interpretation that the (unitary) president needs no further authority. He already has it. Congress is irrelevant. May the Lord have mercy on us all and, please Lord, let me be wrong.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Coolsplinters beat Seymore Hersh by several months in warning about the nuclear attack of Iran. Were the sources different? Will this be enough to stop this administration from considering the option?

3:41 PM  

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