Friday, January 06, 2006

Snake Oil and More Snake Oil

The governator gave his highly touted State of the State speech last night. And after his phony apologetics, clearly designed to win back some of the millions of moderates who voted for him as California's savior and then rejected his special election which, incidentally, cost the state $60 million in funds it can ill afford we get not a modest proposal consistent with the state's reeling finances, but more grandiosity hiding beneath more snake oil.

This grade-B actor's grinning proposals for education and infrastructure upgrades didn't even pass the grade-B test, being an obvious ploy to curry favor with the electorate which abandoned him.

And how does this fraud, whose claim to fame was his promise to get the state out of its terrible financial mess, propose to pay for all this? With more bond measures! Billions and billions more. Like the good conservative he is, he brags, "We can do this with no new taxes." But bonds those are fine, he suggests, never reminding a duped and dazed electorate that bonds aren't free. They have to be paid back, with interest!

But of course, most of that won't come due until our savior is long gone. The pain won't affect him and the rest of the billionaires who rule us. No, the debt will impoverish only the average Californian whose children and grandchildren will be groaning under the weight of this sleight-of-hand unto their dotage.

Californians, wake up! The man is a lousy actor and a snake-oil salesman to boot. Urge your representatives to find some courage and demand that the governor come up with transparent ways such as legitimate taxes on excess wealth and real estate--to pay for his grandiose plans.

And then get him out of town.


Blogger bladerunner said...

The Governor proposes a massive building plan that would do more for rank and file Democrats then anything any Governor has proposed since Pat Brown. Quit complaining, declare victory and force the Governor to drag his conservative GOP members kicking and screaming to get the 2/3 vote. Westley and Angelides sounded more like Republicans then Democrats in their criticisms. If our only response is " We like it but we won't support it unless we raise taces," it will only serve to perpetuate many people's perception that Democrats never mete a tax they didn't like.

6:25 PM  

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