Monday, January 16, 2006

DeLay, Abramoff and Rohrabacher: Santa Claus, the Elf, and the Lackey

Bribers bribe
While tempting their fates
And fleecing our tribes
At outrageous rates
Still, Rohrabacher’s roaring
Defending the whoring
Of Abramoff and the Hammer
On their way to the slammer

“Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus.”

He is a Republican exterminator from Sugar Land, Texas. His Chief Elf is a lobbyist who wears a number of hats. Abramoff, the Elf, gives money only to good boys and girls who are always Republican except for a RINO Libertarian like Congressman Dana Rohrabacher (R-46-Huntington Beach). The congressman’s recent defense of Abramoff is puzzling if not disturbing. Given that Dana has been paid some $17,000 by a crook for a screenplay that will never see the light of day while promising access to Bush, he may have experience with being naive. Dana ate regularly at the Elf’s Signatures restaurant (Chef’s hat) and has been linked with Jack Abramoff by acting as his reference for the SunCruz (casino) $60 million business deal (green eyeshade) in Florida that turned bloody with the murder of Konstantinos Boulis who happened to be an Abramoff rival (black homburg).

An interesting Rohrabacher quote appeared in the Washington Post as Dana referred to Jack Abramoff: "I think he's been dealt a bad hand and the worst, rawest deal I've ever seen in my life. Words like bribery are being used to describe things that happened every day in Washington and are not bribes." Just what do we call these payments, Dana?

Just what if Dana is not naïve and knows what Abramoff and Scanlon and DeLay have done? Is it possible that Dana is simply trying to put a little lipstick on this pig? Not lie, exactly, but dress up the Hammer as Santa Claus who simply has a host of elves to do his good works? Dana and Jack, incidentally, have known each other since the heady days when Dana was a speechwriter for Ronald Reagan. Maybe Dana only saw Jack in the sunshine of a new love? Let us take a look at that possibility. Dana is one who actually took money directly from Jack. Incidentally, they were 100% Republican for those of you who have been distracted by the Republican comb-over claiming that everybody benefited.

While some Democrats did accept contributions from some of the same tribes that were bilked by Abramoff, only Republicans took money directly from Jack. Dana took $7500 and gave back $2000. I am not sure that the $2000 was returned to Jack or given to some charity, but it still appears to be related to the Republican fuzzy math and Dana had to know that Jack was tied to Scanlon as well as Tom DeLay. Then again, maybe there was some $5500 in services rendered and Dana did not have business lunches with Jack. Maybe Dana bussed the tables at Signatures.

My theory is that Dana and Tom and Jack himself know that the truth of power is that being guilty and even getting caught are merely technicalities on the way to ultimate vindication. Loyalty is the coin of the Bush realm and Bush is, indeed the man who would be king. How could anyone let Jack and Tom and Dana languish in Danbury Prison? We have the precedent of the Nixon pardon where he was not only pardoned for past crimes, but for future crimes as well. We have the precedent of the Colonel North release where Congress tainted the process of conviction. Republicans have control of the process and have control of the three branches of government. Pardon Me!

Of course we will hear that Abramoff, DeLay and Ney, etc. and the American people have suffered enough. They have earned Royal Pardons. Loyalty is worthy of sainthood in the Church of Greed. The trip to the slammer is a mere diversion on the way to sainthood much as Paul went to prison for his Church.

Rohrabacher is running against Jim Brandt for the 46th Congressional District. Jim was a Marine and he knows that Santa Claus is really the Marine who provides Toys for Tots and not Treachery for Tribes. Let us clean up our government one representative at a time. Jim knows that all Americans including Native Americans deserve open and honest government. We can do better than whisper the myth of Santa Claus with the reality of corruption screaming in our ears. Rohrabacher and his cronies are not so naïve as they are arrogant. They feel that they will be protected.

Before these criminals can say ”Pardon me, please,” let us vote them out of office.


Blogger bladerunner said...

Great post! Now this is a winner issue with the public. Alito nomination doesn't have traction with the public....yet. If he shifts the court on the environment and other controversial issues then the appointment gets into political play and Democrats can say "This is why you need to elect a Democratic president." Meanwhile, the public can easily connect the dots between Abramoff and Delay and fellow travelers. Watch Senate Democrats pounce on this rather then Alito.

12:23 PM  
Blogger Lou Delgado said...

Excellent point BR.

3:00 AM  

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