Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Our Dickinsonian Democracy

The rich had their pickin’s
In the days of Charles Dickens
While the poor had to flail
With the prospect of jail
For falling behind in their rent
Or challenging a gent

We are again in a Dickinsonian Democracy for anybody out there keeping score of the reality game being played by the Bush Administration and the current Congress. The new rules on debt and bankruptcy are another attack on the middle class along with the pattern of debauched planning by the authors of the Bush Drug Program that forbids competitive bidding. The outsourcing of goods and services that were normally provided by the government is costing the American taxpayer the fortunes of their children and again with cushy no-bid contracts among the gentry for hurricanes and wars. Free trade is a slogan that is now used to lower wages of working families while protecting the connected by forbidding competition and awarding contracts based on who knows whom rather than value to the taxpayer.

While this is unfolding, we also see a new society; a new Order of the Greed Garter. The pattern of corruption highlighted this past week by the guilty sobbings of Representative “Duke” Cunningham who bullied contracting officers into awarding contracts to those providing him with kickbacks of at least $2.4 million plus untold campaign funding. “Duke” brings an image of Nineteenth Century England when wealth and title was its own sanctity.

The list of these white collar and black-hearted new moguls of menace grows daily. Bill Frist, VP for Torture (Dick Cheney), the Ohio governor, and the entire string of DeLay-Abramoff “bribees.” Operatives like DeLay’s Scanlon are setting new records for both fraud and singing like the yellow canaries they are. G. Bush Sr. rakes in the cash with his bin Laden soul mates through the Carlisle Group. Halliburton gets no-bid contracts in MS, LA and, of course, Iraq while paying wages of 45 cents per hour there and below average wages wherever it can. Again, in Iraq, we are paying the Lincoln Group (catchy name for Republicans financially supporting Bush) $300 million (no-bid) to plant stories in the Iraqi press of how good Americans are while bribing Iraqis to do it. What if this new aristocracy doesn’t deliver the goods and services? They deserve to be rewarded because they are appointed to the Order! Meanwhile, Afghanistan falls into the hands of the Taliban and Iraq falls into civil war while the connected collect their spoils from the blood of our best.

Dickens and Darwin were essentially contemporaries and I see more than a little irony that the crowd that places Intelligent Design on a par with Darwin’s Theory while the Order practices the survival of the fittest through selection in the most opportunistic way since Dickens. God Bless us, every one, because these bastards won’t.


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