Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Der Fuhrer

When George W. Bush was running for President, and continually throughout his presidency, he has stressed as his most outstanding quality his "leadership." Again and again he told us how he was a "leader" who knew how to lead, buttressing this with criticism of his rivals deficiencies in this area. Incredibly, much of the
American public believed this mantra, not once, but twice.

Some of us, however, were disturbed by Bush¹s repeated attempts to wrap himself in the mantle of "the leader," remembering that Adolf Hitler called himself "Der Fuhrer" and that Benito Mussolini called himself "Il Duce."

Both terms mean leader, and a world plunged into war soon found out that the words also mean "ruthless dictator." Now we in America are finding out that Bush¹s use of the word has a similar meaning.

The latest administration scandal reinforces this conclusion. Recent reports in the New York Times and elsewhere have revealed a shocking story still developing.


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