Thursday, November 24, 2005

Selling War

Recent news about so-called Iraqi defectors providing bogus information about Saddam Hussein's "hidden" weapons of mass destruction has demonstrated more vividly than ever that, far from being an activity willingly engaged in by "patriots," war increasingly has to be sold. What's new in our time is that, like everything else these days, the selling of war has now been privatized, so that salesmen can profit from it.

Consider the case of Adnan Ihsan Saeed al-Haideri. It is not simply that al-Haideri, like the more notorious "Curveball," told lies about biological and nuclear weapons hidden in Iraq. Nor is it that the Bush administration adopted al-Haideri's fictions as gospel and peddled them to the American people to justify their already-planned invasion. As James Bamford points out in a recent article in Rolling Stone Magazine, al-Haideri was a product of a CIA/Pentagon operation designed to create the propaganda needed to convince the American people to go to war. Worse, the operation was run by a private propaganda firm run by one John Rendon under contract to the American government. Rendon's job--worth $16 million for this one task--was to "target Iraq and other adversaries with propaganda." The government calls this "perception management." What it amounts to is sophisticated lying. Rendon has been doing this since he virtually created the Iraqi National Congress out of whole cloth. With al-Haideri (whom the CIA knew, from its own lie-detector tests, to be telling lies) Rendon's propaganda efforts reached new heights. He succeeded, along with the willing liars at the top of the Bush administration, in misleading an entire nation into war.

In short, thousands of American men and women (not to mention innocent Iraqis) have been induced to engage in the most lethal form of human endeavor, sacrificing their lives and limbs under the illusion of fighting for their country's survival, based on a set of lies knowingly produced under contract to the United States government!

If that is not grounds for the impeachment of the President, the Vice-President, the Secretary of Defense, the Director of the CIA, and anyone else found to have colluded in this deadly deception, I do not know what is.

Note: The James Bamford Rolling Stone article courtesy of Common Dreams News Center and Rolling Stone Magazine.


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This is a great op-ed.


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