Thursday, November 03, 2005

Bush’s Compartments of Morality

The Right and George had a Fight
Over Harry the judge to be
The Right showed its might
In a struggle for all to see
But what do you think
They stared at the Bush
And he blinked
And still his head’s in his tush
Now we learn what it meant
As we find his maze of compartments

We have all recently witnessed bizarre White House maneuvers related to the extremism of the Bush administration. Bush is the man who says that he is not influenced by polls, at least when the polls are negative. The irony of Mad King George being stampeded into responding to the uproar of the right wing would be comical except for the fact of the President is a puppet on a string and that the string is not held by the majority of Americans, but a group of religious zealots who have a narrow view on morality that denounces abortion but does nothing to reduce the probability that an abortion would need to be considered by a woman. I have never met anyone who thought that abortions were good, but this country had 300,000 fewer abortions every year during the Clinton Administration than we do now. Of course, there was help putting women to work during the Clinton years, but that is not important. It is the principle. How can the right wing compartmentalize morality so narrowly that it ignores outcomes and foams over “principles?”

Another painful example is the criminal behavior documented in the cover-up of the White House through the deliberate actions of Scooter Libby working for the Vice President. The right wing pundits including Max Boot and the usual suspects are attacking Joe Wilson, but not the illegal behavior of perjury or false statements. Again, they demonstrate elegant compartmentalization. Worse, there is no mention of the fact that this nation went to war under false pretenses and then blamed the CIA for intelligence despite the fact that the CIA discounted the 16 words the President put into the 2003 State of the Union in the prior October. Both Bush and Cheney praised Scooter for his service on his resignation and said nothing in condemnation of the behavior. They have watertight compartments.

The clincher for me is that all this is a misdirection play to take the spotlight off the war that has hijacked our morality as a nation. The fact is that the war has no moral basis or even a practical basis to attack terrorists. The war has, instead, established a climate of death and destruction in a country that never attacked us and where President Hussein offered to accept exile instead of war (according to CNN and other sources today). The war has established a new climate where torture is de facto national policy and the President threatened to veto the funding of our Armed Services in order to not be held to the standards of our own field manuals and the Geneva Conventions. There were bin Laden terrorists in Afghanistan but we chose to invade Iraq. Meanwhile we attracted insurgents to Iraq and are averaging 3 US military deaths each day with no count of Iraqi civilians killed and we have enabled a Shiite theocracy much like Taliban we still fight in Afghanistan. Theocracy is bad in Afghanistan. It is good in Iraq?

Incidentally, there is no motivation by our leaders to leave Iraq. Cheney’s stock options in Halliburton have increased about 14 fold since 2003. The Carlyle Group is profiting immensely and neither G.H.W. Bush nor the bin Ladens see conflict of interest issues in being profiteering Carlyle partners. These compartments of morality are failing our nation. Maybe it is time to flood the failing compartments to save the Ship of State.



Blogger Lou Delgado said...

I love the theme of compartments in this post and the great closing: "flood the failing compartments." Brilliant!

4:20 PM  

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